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Our History - Umbrellas since 1860

The long history of the Talarico company tells of a generational passion and brings with it the charm of a unique craftsmanship with a Neapolitan imprint.
Founded in 1860 in Naples with Giovanni Buongiovanni, the company was called "Al Japanese" and had a store in Via Chiaia 76/77, one in Via Roma 198 and a laboratory in Via Sergente Maggiore where umbrellas, parasols, walking sticks were made walking and fans.


The tradition continued with Emilia Buongiovanni, daughter of Giovanni who married the well-known violinist Achille Talarico, son of the even more famous royal court painter Achille Talarico SR, who moved from Catanzaro to Naples to study with Mancinelli at the prestigious Posillipiana painting school.

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From the union between Emilia and Achille Giovanni Talarico was born who, together with Concetta Carlevalis, continues the artisan tradition of master umbrella makers for the third generation. The workshop and the sale move to Vico Due Porte in Toledo 4 / B (current headquarters of Mario Talarico Since 1860). From their union 7 children are born: Rosaria, Emilia, Mario, Antonio, Alfredo (father of the current owner Mario), Roberto and Giuseppe.

The fourth generation continues with Mario Talarico who continues the tradition of building umbrellas mounted on whole woods, San Leucio silks, precious handles such as real horn, bamboo, Sorrento lemon, cherry, etc.

In 2006 he is joined by Mario Talarico JR (son of Alfredo and current owner) who brings innovation to the shop by giving greater visibility to his family's work with a website, social media and new packaging. Being an artist (winner of the "World Art for Kids" contest at 10 years old) who grew up in a workshop with his father, Mario Talarico JR refuses at 19 to go to New York to create the covers of a well-known comic, because his attachment to Naples and the family tradition are stronger. This is how the family trade continues, treasuring the teachings and artisan secrets by sewing by machine and making the models.

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With Mario Talarico's umbrellas the rain becomes champagne !!! 

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